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Marine terrace (rasa) located at 100 m a.s.l. in Cape Peñas (Photo: J.M. Foyo)
Domal stromatoporoid colony (Devonian Candás Fm) (Photo: C. Aramburu)

Felsic dyke affecting a recumbent anticline developed in the sandstone strata of the Cambrian Cándana Group (Benquerencia beach, Lugo province) (Photo: J. Gallastegui).

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́Abstracts for oral and poster communications will be submitted electronically. Manuscripts will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee and accepted abstracts will be published in a special issue of the journal Geo-Temas (SGE). The issue of Geo-Temas will  comprise a book of abstracts (one-page long) and a CD-ROM with extended abstracts (up to four pages, with colour figures).

Both oral and poster sessions will be held. Participants must indicate their preferred mode of presentation. However, the final decision belongs to the Organizing Committee, based on the number and quality of submitted contributions.

Oral sessions: 15 minute slots (including 3-5 minutes for discussion) will be alllocated for oral presentations in both the scientific sessions and symposia. Lecture rooms will be equipped with computer and projector, together with a single screen, allowing for PowerPoint or pdf presentations. Should additional equipment (overhead, slide projector) were required, participants are asked to request it well in advance.

Poster sessions: The size of posters should be within 140 cm (H) x 96 cm (W) (portrait orientation). Adhesive Velcro tape or Blu-Tack can be used to mount the poster on the board. Push pins are NOT allowed. Poster will be displayed during the time assigned to their respective scientific session or symposium in the Poster Hall. Authors are kindly requested to put up  and withdraw their posters according to their poster session timetable. Two poster sessions per day, morning and evening, are scheduled.

Submission of abstracts:
Abstract sumission will be done electronically by means of an  e-mail sent to the Scientific Secretariat. The abstract will be included as an attached file.

E-mail: In order to keep track of submissions and facilitate the organization of the Scientific Secretariat, the e-mail must be written according to the following instructions:

Message subject: this field will display the following information: first author´s family name_name initials_digit indicating the number of submission (in case an author is sending several contributions)_preferred mode of presentation (oral/poster)_cge2012.
Do not put spaces nor periods between initials.
example:  Doe_JF_1_oral_cge2012

Message body: it must contain only the following fields, separated by carriage returns
  • First author (Family name, initials)
  • Remaining authors ( Family name, initials; Family name, initials;.....)
  • Preferred mode of presentation (oral/poster)
  • Selected session/symposium (code)
  • Title
Initials must b separated by periods, do note leave blank spaces in betweenals
  • Doe, J.F.
  • Wegener, F.; Chang, W.H.
  • Oral
  • 3
  • A new genetic scheme for sandstone petrographic classification.

Additional information: Should the authors wish to make any additional comment on their contribution, they must do in a a separate e-mail with the same subject of the fmessage with the abstract, but ending with "_comment". (example: 

Attached file: the attached file containing the abstract of the contribution must be formatted following the template with the guidelines for abstracts (download template). This file contain all the information requited about fonts, page size, format.

Both oral and poster outstanding contributions by young scientists will be awarded.

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Scientific Secretariat and Correspondence
VIII Congreso Geológico de España
Dpto de Geologí­a. Universidad de Oviedo
C/ Arias de Velasco s/n
33005 Oviedo, España

cge2012 at geol.uniovi.es

Technical Secretariat:
Fundación Universidad de Oviedo (FUO)
(Roberto J. González Fernández, Adriana Suárez Paredes)
C/ Principado, 3, 4º.  33007-Oviedo
Tlf:+34 985.104.935/36  Fax: +34 985.104.928
roberto.fuo at uniovi.es, adriana.fuo at uniovi.es
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February 27th, 2012

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